Additional Traffic for Bing Advertisers – Find Out Why!


Great News for Bing Ads!

Advertiser’s using the Bing PPC advertising platform recently received some great news which could give their business a boost in the right direction! As of the 1st January 2016,  Bing announced that:

‘Bing now powers AOL’s web, mobile, and tablet search, providing paid search ads and algorithmic organic search results to AOL’s properties worldwide, and exclusively in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.’

Put simply, Bing became AOL’s Internet search provider!

Bing ads, what does this mean for me?

If you’re already advertising on Bing you don’t need to make any changes to your existing campaigns at all! You’ll see that your search network ad distribution settings have been upgraded to display the AOL network, as well as the standard Yahoo & Bing.

This recent change connects you with a new, bigger audience of potential customers – which is always good news! Bing have stated that they anticipate an increase in click volume of 5 to 8 percent with additional AOL search traffic available through Bing Ads. As such, you should make sure that your ads are relevant (as always) and perhaps consider increasing your budgets to accommodate your increased search volume.

Any other changes?

There are some changes to the Bing Ads reports too – you can check out all of the changes to the reporting and interface here:

I’m not advertising on Bing – I want in!

This expansion of the Bing Ads service is really beneficial to us as it increases the opportunities, clicks and leads that we can generate for our clients.
If you’re not advertising on Bing already, let us know! We’d love to help you get involved.  Bigger audience = more lead potential!

So, enjoy your new, larger audience and as always, give us a call for expert digital marketing strategies on 0800 049 5479