Big News From Google AdWords For E-commerce Retailers

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News From Google AdWords For E-commerce Retailers

Evolving from a referral source for e-commerce traffic, Google could soon transform in to a transactional hub of activity with the inclusion of Google Shopping ‘buy’ buttons on mobile search ads. This new feature is a great addition to the AdWords offering for E-Commerce retailers, allowing searchers to directly purchase a product from the search engine results pages on their mobile device. E-commerce development UK is rising, will this feature benefit us?

Little is confirmed on the ‘buy’ button feature, but in an interview at Re/Code’s Code Conference, Omid Kordestani (Google’s Chief Business Officer) said the buttons would indeed be coming soon – but a date is yet to be released. So, until then here are a few key benefits we can see for retailers, from the information that has been speculated so far:

  • Unlike Ebay or Amazon, advertisers will not be charged a percentage of the transaction – the cost per click charging model will remain in place
  • The shopper’s payment details will be held by Google, allowing a wider range of payment options to be available
  • By acting as a medium for purchase, Google presents a level of trustworthiness towards the retailer, giving shoppers confidence in the company and products which could in turn increase sales

Of course there may be negative impacts of the update too including increased competition and advertising costs but the true impact to retailers is impossible to predict. For now, we wait for Google’s official announcement in anticipation and will bring you the latest news as soon as it’s released!