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Search Engines such as Google and Bing reduces the cost per click of an advertisement for relevant and targeted pay per click campaigns. For the success of your PPC advertisement it is vital to increase profits for your business,


A winning PPC campaign involves plenty of research. You will need to conduct keyword research to find the perfect keywords to be targeted for your advertisements. Your keyword research can come from a simple online free keyword research tool such as Google’s Keyword Research Tool.

You will then be required to organize those keywords into campaigns and ad groups. Your ad groups need to include relevant themes to increase your chance of gaining a better position in the ads.


Finally you need to ensure your PPC landing pages are relevant to the advertisement you offer and is fully optimised to increase the likelihood of conversions on your website.


Google AdWords is one of the most popular PPC systems and works when users bid on keywords and only pay when a user clicks on you advertisement. The most relevant your advertisement is to the search query will mean that Google will most likely choose your advertisement to appear!


Pay per click advertising is a perfect way to increase brand awareness as well as increase the traffic to your website. An increase in traffic will increase the likelihood that a conversion will take place on your website!


If you would like to contact a professional Bristol PPC agency, do not hesitate to contact Visionary Media on 0800 049 5479. We are the PPC Advertising Company for you who provide a range of digital marketing services which include PPC management, SEO, web design, web development and social media. If you have any further questions please contact our team directly – We look forward to hearing from you!