Digital Marketing & The Importance Of Target Market Research

target market research

The Importance Of Target Market Research

One of the key aspects to marketing your business online is making sure that your brand is seen and known by the right users. Do you really know your target market as well as you think? When are they most likely to pick up their mobile, laptop or tablet and browse the web? Have you researched their social activity patterns? Are they festival-goers? Sports lovers?

This year you can really up your game in the digital marketing stakes by making sure you have key dates and strategies lined up to catch the eye of potential customers.

A great example of target market research was carried out by RadiumOne recently to highlight the importance of ‘tackling tech’ to convert rugby fans. With the Six Nations already underway and the Rugby World Cup craze set to hit later this year any businesses looking to target today’s connected rugby fan should start preparing their campaigns now to ensure a valuable ROI.

These useful findings show that fans aren’t purely focused on the match but are multi-tasking on a smartphone whilst watching the game on TV or even in the stadium!

Here are just a few key points from the report, which you can read here:

  • 52% of fans have a second screen at hand when watching matches at home
  • 40% of fans use their smartphone whilst at the stadium
  • 19% make comments on social media
  • 27% will increase their online sharing during the World Cup and 34% said their rugby content consumption will increase markedly
  • Younger rugby fans (16-34) are more than twice as likely to use their phone during the game than 55+ year olds
  • 44% of rugby fans have purchased tickets online and 24% have purchased through a mobile or tablet

Rupert Staines, MD Europe at RadiumOne said: “Technology has fundamentally changed the way fans and brands engage with rugby. Marketers need to better understand the nuanced behaviours of today’s rugby fans so they can build a tailored conversation on the relevant device. RWC 2015 will be a veritable goldmine for those relevant brands who understand the technology routines and associated data of today’s connected rugby fan.”

Need assistance in reaching your target market?

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