Google Penalizes Websites Without Mobile Optimisation

Google penalizes websites without mobile optimisation!

Should Websites With Mobile Optimisation Gain Higher Rankings?


Penalizing for non- mobile friendly websites may seem extreme, but if this is the way forward, it’s logical to just do it. Optimisation is the key to higher rankings for the future development of digital marketers.

Google’s removal of right-hand side ads is just the beginning to maintain consistent search results on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. The reasoning is simple, mobile devices have a smaller screen meaning simply there is not enough room for the right-hand side ads.

Are we developing into a technology era where it doesn’t matter what type of device a user is using?

Google’s development of Voice Search and also the change of Google’s logo are all contributing to this change, but what does this mean for digital marketers? Optimisation is needed, understanding why and how users use different devices still need to be factored into AdWords campaigns, to understand the effects of these changes. Visionary Media are at the forefront of this development – we are optimising experts, why not give us a call today on 0800 049 5479!