Important Changes To Device Targeting

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Bing Announce Device Targeting Changes

As of March 23rd Bing will be consolidating smartphones in to a single unified device targeting option, with bid modifiers to help businesses manage traffic from various sources.

What does that mean for you?

If you currently target mobile devices only, you no longer will. Instead of individual devices being targeted you will automatically receive traffic from all devices. But fear not! Bid modifiers allow you to increase or decrease your bid for smartphone and tablets. See the handy tables from Bing below.

1. How current campaigns will be affected

Bing PPC Advertising Targeting Changes

2.  Bid adjustments available (with AdWords comparison)

Device targeting with Bing PPC advertising

Actions you need to take

First and foremost make sure that you have mobile friendly landing pages. This ensures that no matter which device users access your site with it will still be user friendly and easy to navigate.

You should review your campaigns as soon as possible to determine if they are targeting mobile devices only or PC/tablet devices only. If you have campaigns which are targeting the same keyword (but for different devices) you will need to combine them in to a single campaign. If you don’t, you will ultimately be competing against yourself and driving your costs up – never good!

What’s the reason behind the change?

Bing have said:

‘Our goal is to help you connect with searchers regardless of where they are searching, and make it as easy as possible to manage your campaigns across search engines. In the UK, mobile searchers drive 2 out of 10 searches on the Yahoo BingNetwork— so if mobile is not currently part of your campaign targeting, you may be missing the opportunity to connect with valuable new customers.‘

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