Internet Marketing Expert – Visionary Media’s Tips!

internet marketing expert

Internet Marketing Expert – Visionary Media share our secrets!

Visionary Media is delving into their secrets of successful Internet Marketing

Ask yourself, why do you need internet marketing? You may be a small business who needs to broaden advertising techniques through the use of technology, but there’s no need to worry, Visionary media are here to share our top tips!

1)Your first focus should be customers! Hours could be spent writing blogs, or creating top notch PPC adverts but if you are not targeting your target audience you are throwing your time away. Marketing is a strategy, and you need a focused goal, a framework that is easily scaled to your businesses needs. Marketing will always start with your customers. Without customers you will not have a business, you need to ask yourself certain questions such as: Who uses my services? What are they using normally? What are customers looking for?

As an online marketing strategy, you need to grow business with new and existing customers, by building awareness about products or services. You want potential customers to use your service and stay loyal to your service, and it is down to you to build that loyalty and make the customer feel valued.

2)  You want your customers to realise there’s not a robot on the other end of your website, customers like human to human connections and Visionary Media believe that you need customers to feel like they are communicating with actual people.

One way of doing so is showing how your brand has evolved,show your customers that you exist!

3)  Landing pages worth landing on. Every time a potential customer searches a keyword of yours, you need the click to be directed to a relevant page, it’s not rocket science. If you do not have a dedicated landing page you may be increasing your Bounce Rate. Landing pages need to be effective and attractive, yet still need to push the customer forward to continue to use your services and delve deeper into your website.

4)  Don’t forget paid advertising! PPC allows customers to click on your advertisement after searching in a search engine for specific words that are related to your website-keywords, and then you will only have to pay if somebody clicks on your advertisements and is directed to the specific landing page. Not only that, you are able to set daily budgets for your advertisement! Win win situation.

5)  Optimise, optimise and optimise some more! Optimisation is key to high organic rankings on a search result. Numerous factors need to be considered when optimising your website, and not  just the basic of content and keywords. You need to insure that keywords are in your image names, image alt tags, meta descriptions and title. Not to forget the devices your potential customers will be viewing your website from. A majority of web browsers do so on a mobile or tablet device, and it’s up to you to ensure your mobile speed as well as desktop speed is lightning fast!

That’s it for our tips today, Visionary Media are proud to be an internet marketing expert. We will happily discuss your internet marketing requirements today, from web designing, SEO, PPC and social media – give us a call on 0800 049 5479 or drop into our Thornbury office near Bristol for a coffee and an assessment of your website!