New! Trial Run Ads – New Feature for PPC Marketing

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New Feature for PPC Marketing

Google has recently released Trial Run Ads for Gaming! With each download of a gaming app ranging between 99p to £2.99, most app developers make their profits from in-app advertisements. Their goal isn’t simply to convince people to download their game, but to create exciting and engaging games that will not only be downloaded but also be used over a long period of time.

Let’s look at some statistics, 41% of apps downloaded last year alone were games!


What is a Trial Run Ad?


Searches now  have an option to directly try and test the game directly within the advertisement. When pressing the ‘Try Now’, searchers are able to receive a 10 minute free trial before actually downloading the game, meaning they are able to see what they are buying.


Earlier this year, Google launched app streaming in organic search results on Android devices, with the button ‘Try Now’ for a preview before being directed to where you can download the game.


What does this mean for PPC marketing?

PPC advertisements are increasing, with more companies opting in than opting out. Even though the competition is likely to increase since the removal of right-hand side PPC ads, with companies having to increase their daily budget, Trial Run Ads may be the way forward for app developers!