Update alert on Pay Per Click Advertising UK!

pay per click advertising uk

Pay Per Click Advertising UK

We’ve already discussed how Google’s Pay Per Click advertising UK have changed. Right-hand-side advertisements have been removed from search results recently.

We at Visionary Media predicted the rise in cost-per-clicks since this change and we are right! Within the first few days of the removal, we saw an increase in Cost-Per-Clicks.

What is the update you ask?
Google are announcing a new version of Adwords. The new version allows AdWords users to download information on the Quality Score. If you are new to AdWords or have been using it for years, Google has never easily shown the Quality Score of a site, but with this new update, advertisers will now be able to download a Quality Score and its status! The Quality Score is Google’s way of rating your keywords relevance and quality. It is used to determine your CPCand then multiplied by your maximum bid and this will determine your ad rank.

This is news has it’s pros and cons. A positive is the downloadable Quality Score but on the other side, competition will increase due to the removal of right-hand advertisements!

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