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What is new for Pay Per Click Advertising?

Digital marketers have been forced to adapt to the ever changing world of technology, with mobile devices being at the forefront of this change.

PPC advertising has changed due to mobile devices.

Mobiles have been becoming more popular with not just the younger generation but all ages, which means that digital marketers who aim to target the older generation must adapt their PPC campaigns for mobile too! This is a great opportunity for marketers to target those using mobile devices as well as desktop.

What has driven Facebook’s growth?

It’s simple – Mobile advertisements. In 2012, Facebook started to sell mobile advertisements, and to this day mobile advertising revenue accounts for 78% of the advertising revenue Facebook makes! Do you think it has paid off?

Have you noticed how mobile advertisements dominate the local SERP’s? If you search for a local service in your area on a mobile device, there are high chances that the first three or more ads are paid ads! It’s simple, if you want your service to be seen at the top, you must advertise with Google! And that is where Visionary Media come in. We are a Pay Per Click Agency Thornbury, Bristol based who offer digital marketing solutions for your business. If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our friendly team on 0800 049 5479.

It is vital, if you are a business looking to promote your services, you must embrace mobile or you may fall behind. Add mobile marketing to your online marketing strategy. It is vital for YOUR SUCCESS!