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Google announced their new PPC features!

Pay Per Click advertising can play a large role in increasing conversions on a website, and Google has released some of the new features!

Device type bid adjustment – The bid range for devices has changed to a range from -100% to +900% which means that mobile and tablet targeted campaigns are possible.
Character counts for Text Search Ads – With text search ads, our headlines are confined to 25 characters, but by later this year there will be two 30 character headlines. Not only that the description line character count will be increased from 35 characters to 80 characters.
The redesign of Google AdWords – The ability to view statistics such as clicks and impressions on an hourly or daily basis, in a sleek new overhaul.

These announcements will be seen over the next few months but for now we have to wait until the end of the year for the new update to be rolled out to all advertisers!

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