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Social Media Marketing Bristol

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Ever wondered how much Facebook Ads cost?


Facebook Ads works like an auction, and this is part of the reason of not knowing the exact figure a Facebook Ad costs. An advertiser who is looking to set up Facebook Advertisements will set a price on how much they will willingly spend on an advertisement.


One thing to remember is that other advertisers are also bidding for the same spot that you are on a Facebook Newsfeed as Facebook limits the number of ads each user is able to see.


Facebook Ads have numerous factors that influence the cost of the advertisements. An example of a factor is the quality of your ad. For each ad you run, you will receive a relevance score which is on a scale of 1 to 10 – measuring the relevance of the ad to your target audience.

“How does my relevance score increase?” – The more a user interacts through clicking on your ad and landing on your landing page your relevance score may increase, as will positive feedback increase the score.


Another factor that could affect the cost of advertisements is the time of the year. During the year there are peak times when we see an increase in the majority of advertisers using Facebook as an advertising tool. During peak times the competition for ad space will increase meaning you as an advertiser will need to pay more to be in the competitive firing line to grab the space on the newsfeed of users.


What about the image you select? As an advertiser you need to insure good quality images that your target audience will be attracted to. Numerous businesses are now using carousel ads which allow them to feature more images in a format that is truly eye catching. Not only that, carousel ad have studies that suggest that they have higher conversion rates, which in turn will increase your relevance score and lower the cost of your ad.


And finally another factor will be the audience you are targeting. If you target an audience that is targeted frequently by the majority of facebook advertisers you may be increasing the cost per ad as the competition will be greatly higher


To conclude. Nobody can give you an exact cost for Facebook advertisements as they have numerous factors that contribute to the cost by either increasing or decreasing it. It is important if you’re thinking of using Facebook advertisements that the cost of your ads will slightly or dramastically be different to others, but a key point is to understand the reasoning and limit yourself to a budget for Facebook Ads!
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