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Our Guide From Pay Per Click Bristol Based Agency Visionary Media

There are many forms of advertising available for a business and three of the main online advertising options are Display advertising, social media advertising and pay per click advertising.

Pay per click advertising is also known as PPC and within PPC there are many acronyms that as a business owner who is looking to increase traffic and drive sales you should know!

Their is no need to worry, Visionary Media are here to offer you our cheat sheet acronym guide, it’s simple once you have mastered and gained true understanding of each one you will be on the road to success!

CTR – The click-through rate is the rate that shows how often people who have seen your ad actually click it. The purpose of CTR is to determine how well your ads and choice of keywords are performing. If you have a high CTR it suggest that users who see your ad thinks it’s useful and relevant.
CPC – Your cost per click is the actual amount that you are charged for that click, usually you will be charged far less than your maximum cost-per-click.
CPM – Cost-per-thousand impressions is a bidding strategy that allows you to bid based on how often it appears on the Google Display Network, which allows you to set the maximum amount that you wish to pay for your ads even if they’re clicked on or not.
CPV – Cost-per-view is the amount you will pay for video views or video interactions.
ECPC – Enhanced cost-per-click will increase your bid when clicks seem more likely to occur which will then lead to a conversion on your website.
ROI – Your return on investment is the amount of profit that your ads have made in comparison to how much was spent on those advertisements.

Those are just a few! Visionary Media are a pay per click Bristol based agency who are guru’s in digital marketing and we can help YOU!

We have a team of trained PPC experts who can create, run and manage your pay per click campaigns. Managing pay per click advertising can be time consuming and stressful if you do not fully understand how to bid correctly, and that is why we are here to help!

If you would like to receive further information regarding our PPC services or any of our digital marketing services please do not hesitate to contact us! Call us today on 0800 049 5479 for more information or you can simply come and meet us at our Thornbury office!