Pay Per Click Experts Thornbury

Pay Per Click Experts Thornbury

Pay Per Click Experts Thornbury Explain The Importance Of PPC Advertising!

In the world of digital marketing, Pay Per Click advertisements can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. Numerous businesses turn to PPC advertisements as a “quick fix” to drive users to their website and take advantage of their services.

What is the problem with this?


We know that PPC Ads can drive traffic to a website and increase online visibility, but is it a long term solution for your business?


Would you stay on your website if you landed on it?


The majority of business owners will say yes, but that has an element of bias in the answer.


Before creating your campaign firstly question the usability, accessibility as well as question if your website has a responsive design. To create a successful campaign a great website is needed. Remember, each time a user clicks on your ad, you will be paying for it. Will every single person who clicks on your ad use the services you provide?


Bounce back rate is high for inadequate landing pages, with no responsive design, or slow loading time. Make your customers want to stay on your website.


Create appealing and informative advertisements that connect to a relevant landing page, this in itself can be extremely beneficial to your click through rate as well as your conversion rate!


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