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Do You know why PPC advertising works for businesses?


Pay per click advertising allows businesses to direct traffic to their website using search terms which are relevant to their business. As a business, investing in PPC advertising has many benefits especially if done correctly by a reliable PPC advertising agency.


Pay per click allows a business, whatever the Niche to target their target audience, as it allows a business to target those who are interested or are searching for a particular product or service.


Not only that, a business can expect to see quick returns unlike other digital marketing tactics such as an SEO strategy. When your campaigns are up and running, you can spark interest almost immediately if managed correctly which means that your target audience can find your product or service and interact with your website and convert as soon as they click your ad!

For a new business looking to direct relevant and interested traffic to their site, creating and managing a PPC campaign on Google or Bing is the perfect solution. The effects are almost immediate and as a business you can set a budget to suit your overall marketing budget for that month. PPC campaigns allow you to cap the amount that you spend on a daily basis, this will allow a business to reach their target audience without the need to spend an excessive amount of money.


How To Write Successful PPC Ads?


Writing compelling and engaging ads are vital – It is important to remember that as a business you are paying for each click and you want the user to be interested and convert on your website.


The success of a PPC advertisement is its relevance, as a relevant ad can be rewarded by search engines by decreasing the cost-per-click. Filtering keywords into relevant groups will allow for certain ads to show for certain keywords which will increase the relevancy for your users.


Also ensuring that your text ads are compelling is important as these advertisements are your potential customer’s first impression of your business, and you want it to be a positive impression to say the least. Ad extensions are a perfect addition to text ads as it increases the amount of information that can be shown, and these extensions could include callout extensions, price extensions or structured snippets!


Is the thought of creating and managing a PPC campaign a daunting experience? Let alone ensuring the success of it! Here at Visionary Media, we are a PPC advertising agency Bristol who are based in Thornbury near Bristol. If you would like to receive further information regarding the digital marketing services which we offer simply contact us today by calling on 0800 049 5479 and a member of our digital marketing team will be more than happy to discuss your digital marketing requirements!