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PPC Agency Bristol


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Looking to reduce the impact from your PPC competitors?


Here are a few handy tips on being the best brand bidding competitor out there!


  1. Do not ignore your competitors. If your competitors main focus is on quality and pricing, you need to tackle them head on to ensure you can show your customers that you have other great values.
  2. Ad extensions. Ad extensions help to make an ad stand out as well as taking full advantage of the SERP!
  3. Promote. If your customer has found your ad through searching for a branded keyword, make sure you don’t display a generic ad, they searched for a brand for a reason!
  4. Offers! Study your market and find smart offer ideas to make your ad competitive. Offers don’t have to be giving something away, target the seasons, find the busiest times of the year and make sure you monitor your competitors.


Don’t forget, weekly report can give you real insight into your competitors performance. It is important that you can quickly change or adjust ads or landing pages to be competitive!


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