PPC Specialist UK

PPC Specialist UK

The Rundown On Bing Ads 11.0 from PPC Specialist UK Based Company Visionary Media

The new Bing Ads Editor 11.0 has taken tips from Google AdWords Editor, although what is new?

– Login. Bing Editor has introduced a simple login! Whether you’re using your Microsoft account or Bing Ads login username you will still be using a single username field when having to sign in, which will direct you to the right page to enter your password.

– Manage multiple accounts. With the new updated Bing Ads, you are now able to manage multiple accounts simultaneously. Bing Ads allows users to add multiple accounts and then download them while working in others at the same time.

Paid advertising has come a long way, with more businesses opting to increase their daily paid advertising budget to increase direct traffic to their website.

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