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How can search engine optimisation help your business? It may sound confusing, although SEO is a technique to get a website ranked as high as possible in search results in search engines such as Google and Bing. The reason behind this is simple. The higher a website ranked, the higher the possibility that a user will click to your website to provide you with additional traffic.


Understanding Your SEO Journey


Before you even begin trying to optimise your website you need to understand why you are using SEO techniques. If you currently have a website, you need to have a clear picture of the optimisation already in place. Have you targeted certain keywords? Do you have a sitemap? Is their a blog page on your website? You may not understand the impact certain elements have on ranking factors for SEO, although with Visionary Media, a SEO company UK based, we can help!

Here at Visionary Media, we believe that the key to a successful SEO strategy is research and planning. Understanding your target audience and your local searches and targeting certain keywords to fit this criteria is a basic foundation. Keyword research will help you, providing you with the average monthly searches of short tail and long tail keywords, allowing you to target these for relevant pages or blog posts on your website.

If you are looking for professional SEO companies in Bristol, Visionary Media can help!

It is vital to understand for each page or blog post uploaded onto your website that the keyword is not only found in the content but also the Meta Title, Meta description, H1 tag and alt tags of images.


This is the basic SEO that can be done, although creating a sitemap and submitting to search engines is needed, as well as social media citations, creating high quality links and directory listings. The ranking factors for search engines change, and it is a necessity to ensure that up to date tactics are used, this is why our SEO Marketing Bristol based agency can help! Visionary Media are the SEO company UK for you, and if you would like to receive further information regarding your digital requirements, you can simply contact a member of our friendly team on 0800 049 5479 who will be more than happy to help!