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SEO Experts Thornbury Explain How SEO Has Numerous Similarities to DIY!

Have you ever thought of SEO as the process of doing DIY? Even if you wouldn’t connect the two, they have similarities.


Search Engine Optimisation is something every business knows they need to do yet not many actually want to do.

If this sounds like you you’re not alone, Visionary Media have seen the same attitude, but no need to worry we can help!


Let’s get back to SEO and its similarities to DIY from SEO Experts UK


1) You can’t start decorating without a plan and that’s is the exact same thing as SEO! Decorating requires a visual representation of what you want to achieve and plan everything from a budget to the completion.

Sounds familiar to SEO right? Yes you may not be an expert in search engine optimisation but I’m sure you know that it requires a lot of time and effort to achieve the results you desire and require. Planning is key, from choosing the correct strategy, keyword research, as well as content.


2) Preparing – You can’t paint a wall without paint. This is the same as SEO, a website needs the foundations to support and continue the growth of your website. The development of planning SEO should include the search engine algorithms. It is key that the algorithms of search engines are covered to achieve high rankings in organic results. It is a necessity to use effective use of Meta Descriptions, structure, keywords and URL are a few examples.


3) If you start painting a wall with a paintbrush, that doesn’t mean you can use a paintbrush to tile walls – The similarity to SEO you may be wondering. SEO requires a level of optimisation for each page created for a website. This is done by focussing a keyword to a page and optimising that page around that specific keyword and this will improve rankings in SERPs.


4) Finally, it’s maintenance. Maintaining SEO is crucial to a fully optimised website. Creating continued growth in domain authority, content, and visitors is crucial to business.
Search Engine Optimisation is an ongoing process of maintenance to maintain a fully optimised website that will be indexed and ranked higher than other websites. Visionary Media are SEO Experts Thornbury based and have years of expertise in creating fully optimised websites to improve direct traffic to websites. Call Visionary Media today – SEO Thornbury based company on 0800 049 5479 to discuss all of your digital marketing requirements!