SEO Specialist

SEO specialist

Have A Helping Hand From An SEO Specialist!

Don’t commit the common SEO crimes!


  1. Targeting the wrong audience – In the perspective of an SEO specialist, it is not your customers that you are targeting but the influencers who have high authority to search engines. Content is important, and you need to ensure your page is appealing to make online influencers want to link to your website.
  2. Doing unnecessary tasks – Just because it is part of SEO it doesn’t mean you have to check it off on your daily task sheet. If it is not influencing search engines that tactic is not working.
  3. It’s not all about the likes – Yes social media is great, but you as a business is not looking to increase the amount of likes, shares or tweets, you want influencers, online bloggers, websites or certain individuals to link to your website! You need to get the link juice flowing.


SEO has been changing, and it is vital that you as a business has an effective SEO strategy. Without a high end strategy you would be lucky if your website leaves the ground. Visionary Media have a team of trained professionals, with each member being an SEO specialist. We all work hard to increase rankings and domain authority of websites to increase visibility in SERP’s.


If you are looking to receive a helping hand, please don’t hesitate to call us. Our team can definitely help you and your business. Call on 0800 049 5479, we would love to hear from you!