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Thornbury Digital Marketing Experts

An Algorithm For Instagram? Thornbury Digital Marketing Experts Explain All

What is your opinion on how everyone’s  Instagram feed may be determined by an algorithm?


Algorithms are the everyday for digital marketing, with an increase in businesses understanding search engines SEO algorithms. With the algorithms changing with key aspects having more of an importance than others, digital marketers must adapt.

Earlier this month, Instagram had announced that they would be changing the feed. Instagram has a staggering 400 million users, it has not come as a surprise to us at Visionary Media that an algorithm will be fast approaching.


What will the impact be?


Brands will need to up their game to insure creative, unique and appealing content for their followers. With more creative and engaging content, brands will be rewarded with more of their posts being shown.
Should you panic? No, algorithm filtering is done on numerous social media platforms that include Facebook and Twitter. The purpose of algorithm filtering is simply to show users interesting and engaging content that is relevant and unique.

Thornbury Digital Marketing Experts

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