What you need to know about Interaction Design

The Importance of Interaction Design


The concept of interaction design is simple, it is the way interactive systems have been structured, and interaction designers are responsible for every interactive part on a website that a user may use, these include a click, typing into a search bar, swiping, use of mobile devices as well as desktops.

Interaction Design has a main goal and that is usability. The list is endless but this includes the ability a user has to interact with the interface, the prevention of errors, the ability to improve the appearance  and in turn give the user an idea of its function as well as an improved response time between a user’s action and the response.

You may be thinking, why interaction design is important? Have you ever downloaded a new app onto your mobile device and got completely frustrated that you didn’t know how it worked?

Well this an example of poor interaction design, and who wants  poor interaction design? Nobody.

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