Refresh Your Social Media Customer Service Strategy


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Top Social Media tips to maximise business

What is bad customer service on social media costing your business?

More and more customers are turning to social media as a means to engage with and look for information from businesses, especially those which are predominantly web based. If you don’t have an active customer service presence, you’re really missing a trick and potentially losing business!
Did you know that almost 50% of respondents in a Conversocial study said that they’d be far less likely to buy anything from a company if there were unanswered questions or complaints from customers on their Facebook page? What’s more, 25% of consumers who complain via Facebook or Twitter expect a response within 1 hour! Now, that might seem a bit extreme, but if you really want to gain respect, loyalty and repeat business from your customers then you need to go above and beyond with your customer service via social media.

Here are a few key tips to building loyal customers through social media and ensuring that your brand is identified with outstanding service:

1. Customer Service Representatives

It’s important that you have a socially active employee (or team of employees depending on the size of your business), who is responsible for monitoring your social media channels and responding to any customer comments. Customers can be impatient, and not responding quickly can easily turn an unsatisfied customer in to an angry one – which no one wants!

2. The Good & The Bad

Make sure that your customer service reps are responding to all customer comments whether good or bad. If someone compliments you it is common courtesy to thank them, this should be no different in the virtual world and it will show that you are listening to all of your customers and not just those who have a problem.

3. Common Queries

Store notes on how to handle common queries in a troubleshooting library. This can be the first point of call for your customer service representatives and should detail how to handle these scenarios. Whether it’s a query about delivery costs or a customer wanting to know about a discontinued item, your troubleshooting library should ensure clear and concise responses and will save your customer service representatives valuable time.

Ultimately, customers are looking for businesses that value their opinion and provide competent staff to respond to their queries. In return you’ll get more business, happier customers and brand ambassadors who will actively recommend you to their friends.  So make sure that you’re out-supporting the competition and up your customer service game!

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