Would You Use Snapchat For Digital Marketing?

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Using Snapchat for Digital Marketing

Firstly, let’s look at the statistics. Snapchat has more than 100 million users, and each day 8 billion videos are viewed each day! Snapchat are now running parallel with Facebook with both media platforms reaching around 8 billion views for videos daily!


Many believe that if a service has managed to run parallel with Facebook, the chances are digital marketers need to take into consideration a different type of advertising.


Recently, Snapchat has taken the eye of many digital marketers, yet using Snapchat as a digital marketing tool is still considerably low.


Digital Marketers believe they as a company wouldn’t have the upper hand in comparison to other companies. Also they think the cost of entry for ad partnerships are much too high, and that the majority of the main users are too young.


Why is Snapchat a different type of Digital marketing strategy?


Simple, Snapchat encourages in-the-moment snapchats, and are not the pre-planned marketing that most brands have adopted. Snapchat is able to make brands feel and be more genuine.


During the past year, the rise in Snapchat users have increased, and if Snapchat’s audience continues to grow, it may become a ‘must’ in company’s digital marketing strategy.


Would you use Snapchat as a digital marketing platform?