Digital Marketing Companies Bristol

Digital Marketing Companies Bristol

Quality Digital Marketing Companies Bristol Include Visionary Media!


Why is digital marketing in this day and age so important?

How many of you who are looking for a certain product or service will turn the laptop on or unlock your phone to search for that certain thing? I could say that the majority of you would – Hey how did you find this blog in the first place – ONLINE!


Digital marketing offers a business the chance to grow in the online world, from increased brand awareness to an increase in the amount of conversions on your website. Whatever your business goals, without digital marketing you will truly decrease your chances of achieving the highest success rate.

Digital marketing comes in a form of strategies, and as a business you must determine your strategy from the word GO!

To succeed with digital marketing, SEO is a must. If you are searching online your first reaction is to click the top 5 results in search engines. Increasing a website’s ranking to be in the top 5 results can be difficult, and to succeed a SEO strategy is vital.

Search engine optimisation is the digital marketing strategy to gain traffic from organic search results of search engines such as Google and Bing. The results are based on what the search engine considers most relevant for users, with the more relevant results having a higher ranking.

SEO is made up of thousands of algorithms, and understanding these specific algorithms can help to increase the rankings of your website.

Key factors which should be followed as standard when optimising a website are the following:

  • Keywords,
  • Title Tags,
  • H1 tags,
  • Alt Tags,
  • Image file names,
  • Meta Descriptions,

The above can be implemented throughout your site, and by conducting vital keyword research to assign a keyword to each page search engines will view the relevancy of your website and increase the rankings.

We have discussed the basic on-page SEO tactics that should be completed when optimising a website, but also there are many off-page SEO activities that can be done which include:

  • Directory listing,
  • Local listing,
  • Web 2.0 Submissions
  • Link Building,
  • Search Engine Submissions,
  • Social Media Bookmarking.

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