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Not sure whether to use PPC or SEO?


According to a study, 64% of traffic to a website comes from organic results. SEO can help a business increase its domain authority which can increase rankings. Not only that, a website can gain value meaning, you can at a later date if you want to sell the website at a premium rate!

And finally, SEO allows for consistency, once you reach the top, you can maintain your SEO to stay at the top rankings. This will allow a steady flow of customers which will increase your sales!


What about PPC?

PPC has numerous benefits, that include the ability to target specific audience and narrow the targeted audience for whom your website is aimed for! This can be done through demographics or remarketing! Secondly, quick results, PPC is great if you are launching a new product or service, as the results can be immediate. Also if your SEO is not up to scratch, with PPC you can still generate traffic through PPC only!


What should you use?


The simple answer is to try both! Both tactics have added benefits, but it is a good strategy to implement both strategies into your campaign marketing strategy for optimal results.


Visionary Media are SEO and PPC specialists and are a digital marketing UK company based near Bristol, with years of expertise in digital marketing! Call us today on 0800 049 5479.