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e-commerce marketing

The Rise In E-commerce Marketing

This year we have seen a rise in E-commerce companies creating a personalised app for its users and ditching the idea of creating a replica version of their website on a downloadable app.

Users wants an app to be personalised to their shopping habits and we are seeing a rise in the amount of apps that are available which are ‘remembering’ user’s past purchases, recommending products based on their past purchases or of their friends, using their customer’s profile data such as their name and their location as well as personalised notifications on deals and sales that their customer may be interested in.

We have seen an increase in the amount of people who are downloading e-commerce apps and that these specific apps such as Gilt are being ranked top of the mobile apps.

Ecommerce development is soaring, with e-commerce retailers aiming to create a personalised and tailored experience for their users, not only allowing customers to ‘like’ products and the app then remembering these products for another day, it also allows you to add products to your very own wishlist if an item is out of stock and then will email you once it is back in stock!

The development of these apps are big, with more and more people downloading and getting addicted to the features they have.


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