Ecommerce Digital Marketing

ecommerce digital marketing

Ecommerce Digital Marketing Top Tips!

Follow these guidelines for the success of your Ecommerce business:

  1. Don’t spend more than you need to. Advertising through digital marketing can be cost effective, with numerous advertising techniques that can include Facebook Advertisements, Google AdWords and Social Media, although you need to insure you gain the benefits of your digital marketing strategy without spending unnecessary amounts of money.
  2. Google Re-marketing Ads – You as an ecommerce retailer needs to insure you are at the forefront of potential customers eyes. This is key in increasing your conversion rate – the higher the better! Make sure your ads are clear, informative and suitable for your potential customers.
  3. Social Media. Social Media platforms can be your best friend. Ever thought of creating Facebook Ads? Don’t forget you want each social media platform to have unique offers for your customers, making those viewing your social media profile as being personal to them for following or liking a page.

Finally – You want your users to believe they need to purchase your product or service asap! Create a sense of urgency with expiry dates or countdowns on offers or sale, which will result in a higher percentage of viewers purchasing your product or service!

Ecommerce digital marketing can cause a lot of stress, with not just the business money on the line but also your brand. You believe in your product and you want it to succeed! Perhaps you have not got enough time needed to spend on increasing conversions and maximizing your website’s true potential, but their is no need to worry. Visionary Media are digital marketing experts who can take care of all of your ecommerce digital marketing requirements. Please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0800 049 5479, or why not visit us at our Thornbury office today?