How removing PPC ads affect Google’s Ad Grants

Google's Ad Grants

Why Google’s decision to remove right-hand advertisements have caused a stir regarding Google’s Ad Grants and Charities.

When you removed right-hand side ads, did you ever think about Charities Google?

Last week I spoke to you about Google removing right-hand side PPC advertisements, we can all agree that there’s a high chance the price of pay per click advertisements will rise; so what does this mean for charities?

Charities who are eligible for Google’s Ad Grants already have limitations on the cost of bid, not to mention the competition that is online for high rankings. The result? The chances of charitable organisations gaining top rankings will plummet.

The restriction on bids is an added pressure for charities as traffic from organic results in the past few years have dropped. Charities are a few of the internet users out there who will be truly hit hard by these changes!

How do you think Google should help charities affected by this change? Perhaps cut the limitations on the bid cap from Google’s Ad Grant scheme? Meaning organisations are able to be in control of their spend?

No need to panic!

If you are an organisation affected by these changes call Visionary Media on 0800 049 5479. We at Visionary Media are Bristol PPC advertising experts and we’d be more than happy to discuss with you your PPC advertisement options as well as your SEO strategy today!