Google cuts right hand side PPC advertisements

Google cuts right hand side PPC advertisements

The decision is final. Say good-bye to right hand side advertisements, but say hello to a rise in PPC advertisements at the top of the first SERP.

PPC advertisements have been making an impact to digital marketers alike, generating a traffic flow for businesses resulting in a gain in profits.

What will this mean for Digital Marketers?

The result for digital marketers means a rise in Google AdWords and a decrease in SEO,  focusing on creating organic listings to stand out from others, metatag optimization and of course keywords which will create higher rankings for businesses .

Statistically speaking, advertisements seen on the right and the bottom of the page only account for 14.6% yet the bottom of the page ads will not be affected and the only change is seen on desktop which account for half the searches, resulting in 7.3% of queries will be affected.

More PPC advertisements, mean less organic results; and the result, will users be more inclined to skip the first page and go straight to the second?

Take a look at Bing’s new PPC feature – image extensions.

Now you’re thinking, is PPC the only way to higher rankings? The answer is no, as Digital Marketers at Visionary Media we know that both are as important as each other so no need to worry, our team are able to optimise a new or current website to create the high rankings you and your business deserve.

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