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Online Marketing Agency

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Online marketing continually changes, it’s obvious that certain principles remain the same although the tools online marketer use to communicate with their audience is changing.

What are the new trends?

Apps. It is obvious to see that apps are growing in popularity, although the question to ask is; will apps take over websites? Online marketers are increasing their app-based SEO, as search engines are aiming to create a better app experience for users. Do you use app-based SEO?

Videos. Snapchat is a mobile-based platform and are looking to create a smoother transitioning from original sites to mobile with vertical videos that are specifically designed for mobile users. With mobile devices becoming ever more popular in this day and age, although we can still see transitioning problems, with the majority of apps and mobile websites just being mobile versions of the original.

Automatic marketing. We already have the ability to use numerous automated tools in marketing with the ability to schedule social media post to building display advertisements automatically. Will automation be the future?

Online marketing is changing, and it’s time that you as a business adapts with these changes, otherwise you may risk being left behind. If you would like to contact an online marketing agency based in Thornbury, Bristol, please contact Visionary Media on 0800 049 5479. Visionary Media are an Online Marketing Agency Bristol based who specialise in SEO, PPC, web design, web development and social media and we can optimise a new or existing website to increase traffic to your website! Contact us today!