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pay per click advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising – AdWords


Google AdWords was launched by Google for Pay Per Click Advertising in the year 2000. AdWords works when a user searches keywords into the search engine, and if your business has chosen a keyword that matches the user’s search, your paid ad will appear above the organic results in Google. If a user clicks on your ad, then you pay, but their are many benefits of including AdWords in your advertising regime.

When you create an AdWords campaign, each aspect is able to be monitored, from cost-per-click and the click-through-rate. Not only this, as the campaign holder, through optimisation and setting your own daily budget, Pay Per Click is able to be extremely cost effective, with the ad being able to be targeted to your potential customers that can be tailored to location, time of day and language.

Although there is a downside – Managing campaigns can be time consuming and choosing keywords to place a budget on can be difficult. Research is key. Search for keywords your potential customers may use when searching Google, and then target those.

Perhaps you’re not sure if you can handle the responsibility of AdWords – not to worry, Visionary Media would be happy to help, we are the Pay Per Click Bristol based agency for you!

We are a digital marketing agency based in Thornbury near Bristol, just minutes from the M5, and we’d love to hear from you to discuss your digital marketing requirements. Not only this, we offer a free no obligation initial assessment of your website and this will allow us to go through ways of improving and optimising your website for increased direct traffic to your website! Call Pay Per Click Experts today on 0800 049 5479, or pop into our Thornbury office for a chat!