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 Pay-Per-Click Conversions

Improve Your Pay-Per-Click Conversions From Pay Per Click Consultant Visionary Media

The purpose of pay per click advertising is to increase the conversions on a business’s site. Conversions are the end goal for all businesses, as conversions generate profit. Pay per click conversion rates always has room for improvement, with the majority of campaigns averaging at a low 2.35 % according to MarketingSherpa.


How can you improve your conversion rates?


Appealing, engaging and informative landing pages. Landing pages can make or break your conversion rate. Customers who search for specific keywords in a search engine want to be able to click on a relevant ad that leads to a relevant landing page


Include special offers and discounts. Every user loves a discount, with more and more people clicking on an ad with a special offer than those who don’t. Discounts give customers a reason to respond and if your ad isn’t making customers click through to your landing page your campaign is running unnecessary.


And finally you need to test. Testing the elements of your campaign can help to increase your click through rate as well as your conversion rate.


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