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We know that SEO can be difficult to understand, with all of the different factors that need to be taken into account when optimising a website.


Creating a great looking website is not enough. If you want your website to be ranked higher by search engines you need SEO. SEO has a range of factors which can include keywords, alt tags, meta description, backlinks and more!


I’m going to explain backlinks to you!


You must be thinking that putting ‘back’ in front of links defeats the object of increasing rankings, but you’re wrong, they are needed.


What are backlinks?


Backlinks are links that are directed to YOUR website. A high number of backlinks shows the importance and how popular a website is. Now you can’t go out and link completely irrelevant websites! They need to be suitable and of high quality.


The other factor that needs to be considered is making sure that if you have numerous websites that may or may not be relevant, interlinking multiple websites on the same IP could be interpreted as trying to cheat the system! Which in turn will DECREASE your rankings!


It is crucial when you build your backlink campaign that you keep track of the websites that are linking to your website, as well as using anchor text that has the keyword relating to your site.


In SEO, building quality backlinks is extremely important, and be a high priority for any website owner!


Is this giving you a bit of a headache? Lucky for you Visionary Media are a SEO Company UK near Bristol, who will be happy to discuss all of your SEO requirements. Do not hesitate to contact a SEO Consultant Bristol based on 0800 049 5479!