PPC Consultant UK

PPC Consultant Uk

Pay Per Click From PPC Consultant UK Based Company Visionary Media

Pay Per Click advertising is increasing in popularity. Website owners want to drive conversions on their website to increase revenue. Pay Per Click Advertising can be a great way to increase your online presence, and offers instant online visibility.

What types of PPC are available?


Search: Google and Bing have their very own search ads. Search ads are advertisements that are visible when a user searches for a specific keyword that corresponds to a keyword that is associated with an ad. These ads are visible above and below organic search results, and when using this type of PPC you are bidding for the wanted position in the SERP’s.


Google Shopping: Are you a business with an ecommerce website? If you choose a Google Shopping Campaign it could be far more beneficial for your business.


Display: The Display Network allows you to display your advertisements to your target market across Google Partner websites. You can also choose who sees your advertisements based on their past online habits, and the choice is all yours.


Social: Did you know you can place your specific ad in specific demographic newsfeed that are in your potential customers newsfeed. This type of advertising allows you to connect with your customers socially and engage your brand within numerous social media platforms.
It is vital that you choose the correct PPC advertising for your business whether that is one of the above, or all of the above. If you are worried about which route you should take to increase direct traffic to your website and are looking for a PPC Consultant UK based, Visionary Media can help. Each member of our team are PPC and digital marketing experts, and whichever services you require, we CAN HELP! Call us on 0800 049 5479 or visit us at our office in Thornbury near Bristol!