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ppc consultant

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Pay Per Click Advertising is becoming an important factor in gaining traffic flow to a business’s website, and we at Visionary Media know the ins and outs of Pay Per Click advertising.


Pay per click advertising is the use of search engine paid advertisements. Google has Google AdWords, which allow businesses to choose keywords based on intense research of the subject and services they offer to find the monthly searches of a certain or longtail keywords to select the right ones for them. The next step is creating a campaign and placing a cost that they will have to pay each time a potential customer clicks on their advertisement, these can be be seen on the top of search results before the organic results. The owner of the website/business then sets a daily budget, this allows them to secure they stick to a daily amount, meaning it can be extremely cost effective if it done correctly.


Visionary Media are a team of experts who you can trust, with the expertise you need, to gain the most possible traffic to your website. Our team are able to help with your digital marketing requirements, from creating the perfect online marketing strategy, Pay Per Click advertisements, SEO, website designing and social media.


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