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Digital marketing expert

What Are Keywords? Digital Marketing Expert – Visionary Media Explain All

Everyone talks about Keywords, but what exactly are they?


Keywords are a key point in the success of a website – Let’s dive deep into keywords. Keywords are simply words or phrases that an internet user types into a search engine search box. Businesses create website content around these topics or keywords, using keywords that are relevant to their business. Keywords allow businesses to rank higher in organic search results dependent on the relevance of the content to the searcher.


So what is the purpose of keywords?

For any website owner, they know that keywords are the foundation to the website. Keywords are a key factor in a sites content to relate back to the keyword specified. This insures that searchers and search engines find the relevance of the content and to determine the purpose of a businesses or website owners pages.


Keywords can be short words or phrases, which are broad keywords, or longer words or phrases which are called long-tail keywords. Are you with me?


The difference is, that broad keywords aren’t specific to your business, with a high competition rate, yet they have a higher search volume. Long-tail keywords are the opposite. Which keywords should be used then?

The answer to that question is both. It is important to include broad and long-tail keywords throughout your website.
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