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We all know that Google AdWords is dominating the Pay Per Click industry, with 88% of users in the United Kingdom using Google and only 10% using Bing Ads.

Is this about to change?

We have seen an increase in the amount of users using Bing and with the added benefit that Bing Ads aren’t solely available on Bing but also other search engines such as AOL and Yahoo, that increases the amount of different platforms your ads reach.

Let’s look at Bing in more depth, and find out who and why people are using Bing and Bing Ads.

Did you know, on average Bing’s cost-per-click is 33.5% cheaper than Google. You may ask why this is, it’s simple, Bing has less competition than Google, and we agree, Google may put you in front of the eyes of more users but Bing will allow you to pay less.

Does your business, brand or product focus on visuals? If so Bing Ads use Image Extensions that allow photos to appear in-line with the search ad.

“Nobody uses Bing, so why should I pay for Bing Ads?”

Bing has been increasingly more popular with females over the age of 35, and if your business is targeting this specific audience why would you not be advertising through Bing Ads?This age group on average produce higher incomes which means in retrospect to your ROI, their shopping carts will have a higher value!

If you are unsure on how to take the next step and advertise through PPC for Google and Bing, why don’t you contact a PPC Expert UK based company, Visionary Media? Our team of PPC Specialist UK, work tirelessly to increase the direct traffic to your website, whether you have an existing website or would like information on our website design and development services. Call a member of our PPC Expert Bristol based team today on 0800 049 5479.