PPC Marketing News – Bing Ads Image Extensions

Bing Ads Image Extensions

Last month Bing added a new feature to their PPC marketing offerings to help advertisers grab much needed attention in the search results.

Introducing…Bing Image Extensions.

So, what are Image Extensions and why exactly will they be a beneficial addition to advertiser’s PPC campaigns?

This new ad extension from Bing will allow advertisers to include up to 6 images (to an ad group or campaign) alongside their ad copy and existing ad extensions. Here’s how they could look:

PPC Advertising With Bing Image Extensions
Bing have said that they’ll be experimenting with  multi-image layouts and combinations of display text and description. So we may see some variations in the Image Extensions. Here are sample mock ups of these variations:

Advertising With Bing Image Extensions Bing PPC Advertising PPC Image Extensions Ads News

Now we know what they’re going to look like, let’s get down to the detail.

The first notable point is that these ad extensions will be displayed across all markets on the Bing network, but on PC and tablet only. With the reduced screen size and advertising space available on mobile devices, in comparison to both PC and tablet, it is understandable that the Image Extensions would be omitted from mobile ads.

The second important aspect of this feature is that any images used will of course be required to follow image, audio and video editorial guidelines and guidelines for “mature” content to ensure that they are suitable for public advertisement. (You can read more about this here: http://advertise.bingads.microsoft.com/en-us/image-audio-and-video-policies)

Now for the why….

What’s so great about these new extensions? Why should you implement Image Extensions in your ads?

One of the great features with Image Extensions is the ability to provide a unique URL for each image which you decide to display in your ad. You have the opportunity to send visitors to a highly targeted and specific landing page which reflects the image you’ve displayed. This could, in turn, help towards a higher conversion rate for your PPC campaigns.

What’s more, visuals can really help your offering stand out in the crowd of competitors sharing your advertising space. Promoting your product or service with high quality visuals could help increase traffic and raise brand awareness for your business.

We always suggest running a test when it comes to new features to find out what works for you and why before putting a blanket implementation across all ads in your account. If you’d like any assistance with improving the ROI of your current Bing account or are new to Bing ads then please get in touch, we’d be happy to help!