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Search Engine Marketing UK Company Visionary Media Explain All!

Search Engine marketing is becoming more important for businesses who are trying to gain rankings for their website. Companies need to gain an online presence and this involves increasing a website’s visibility in search engine results also known as SERP’s through advertising and SEO.

Advertising for a company has increased in importance, as advertising can come in all forms.

Social Media Advertising

Social Media have platforms, and advertising on social media could involve creating a Facebook Page, a Twitter or Instagram account. Social Media is now being aimed at all ages, with an increase in the older generation embracing it. Did you know that one in five of Twitter users are over the age of fifty?

Social Media allows users to post, tweet, share images or blogs to their followers. It is quick, and affordable, and if done correctly can be extremely reliable. Posts are able to be transferred through social media locally or even globally with the use of the Hashtag – #. Not only this, social media is now becoming a necessity for businesses to keep up to date with potential customers, allowing customers who regularly use i.e Facebook to find your brand and then will be more inclined to use your services! It’s a win win situation!

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

People may say that SEO is becoming less important in comparison to Pay Per Click advertisements from Google, yet without SEO, a website’s ranking will be extremely low, meaning it is less likely that a potential customer may even come across your website!

SEO has hundreds of algorithms, and for a website to be fully optimised to the best it can be, these specific algorithms need to be faced head on. Algorithms could include URL, Alt tags, Keyword density in body text, inbound links as well as meta description.

As a Business owner, you must take into account all of the possibilities for search engine marketing, as it will be beneficial in directing traffic to your website!
Visionary Media are a search engine marketing UK company based in Thornbury Bristol. We specialise in search engine marketing through Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media and Web Design. We are proud to offer our services to businesses and we’d love for you to get in touch with us on 0800 049 5479, to discuss your digital marketing needs!