How Can Search Engine Marketing Help My Business?

search engine marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Are you wondering how Visionary Media, a search engine marketing UK Company can help your business?

What is search engine marketing?

SEM involves promoting your website through optimisation and advertising to increase websites visibility in search results pages, also known as SERPs.


One of the key tools of search engine marketing is Search Engine Optimisation, this is the optimisation of websites by tailoring your website to the search engines algorithms. These algorithms are the building blocks to search engines and determine what ranking a website deserves. Search Engines ‘crawl’ web pages to index them, if a website hasn’t been optimised a search engine may not rank it high in organic results of SERPs. A fully optimised website will have taken into consideration numerous factors of optimisation. A key part of the algorithm is links. Links from website with high domain authority are able to send ‘link juice’ to your website which in turn will increase domain authority for your site. Too many links may harm your website, as well as broken links. Links must be strong with a good flow of ‘link juice’ otherwise your website’s ranking may go down.

Links aren’t easy to come across, they may require time and effort to research relevant companies with a high domain authority.


Visionary Media are a digital marketing agency, and we are a specialist SEO Company in Bristol, also PPC, Social Media, Google and Bing. We are able to offer expert knowledge for your website, and are able to offer options of development, improvement and optimisation.

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