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status codes

Status Codes- Important Part of search engine optimisation

What are status codes?

These three digit codes provide information about the status of a request and are an important part of web development and search engine optimisation.

What’s a request?  Put simply, when a user (or search engine) accesses your page in a browser this is known as a ‘request’ and your server returns a response, in the form of a HTTP status code.

There are many status codes (which you can find here: and they fall in to the following categories:

100s – Informational. Request received and process continuing
200s – Ok/ Success. This is the code you want to see! It means the request was received and processed successfully
300s – Redirect. Request received but another step is needed to complete it
400s – Client error. The request was made but the page is not valid
500s – Server error. The request was valid but the server failed to complete it

Why are these codes important to you and your site?

As a business owner you want your website to be higher in the search engine rankings, and as search engine optimisers we know how to achieve that!

Links are of huge importance when it comes to SEO and broken or incorrect links can have a negative impact on your rankings in search engines. What your site needs is ‘Link Juice’!
‘Link Juice’ is a colloquial term in the SEO world which refers to the amount of ranking power passed between links. If your site has a high quantity of ‘Link Juice’ it is considered more authoritative and as such will receive better rankings.

Before you start shouting “Pass me the juice!” you need to take in to consideration the links present on your site. If your links are not working correctly or your site presents lots of 404 pages you will not gain the authority you need to get the best ranking position.

How we can help

At Visionary Media we undertake thorough reporting to establish link status and implement fundamental changes to get those link juices flowing! Ensuring that your links are following SEO best practice we work to achieve the optimum ranking position in natural listings to get your website seen.

Take a look at this great infographic which explains the most common status codes and how this ‘Link Juice’ is passed with them:

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