Snapchat-Would You Pay For Disappearing Ads?



Digital Marketing is growing every day and back in October Snapchat announced that they were placing their first paid advertisement in ‘Recent Updates’ for users in the United States. It has since been revealed, according to multiple industry sources, that Snapchat is asking for a whopping $750,000 a day for its new ads!

If users are wondering why advertisements are now being introduced to the service, Snapchat have announced ‘The answer is probably unsurprising – we need to make money’. One agency executive has said “They [Snapchat] have minimums, and they are very firm on them. From a monetization perspective, they are looking for fewer, bigger, better.”

Understandably brands are wary of adopting this advertising since the ads disappear, but a key attraction is the high level of engagement as the users have to actively press the ad to view it.

So, how does Snapchat’s hefty price tag compare to other platforms?

  • An advert during American Idol costs around $475,000 (£313,185)
  • A 30-second advert during the Superbowl costs approximately $4 million (£2.6 million)
  • YouTube charges $500,000 (£329,760) per day for a masthead
  • Facebook and Twitter advertising is charged on a cost per click basis which means you can set your budget accordingly. These are two of the most popular forms of social media marketing and can generate a significant boost for your online business.

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