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Thornbury PPC Advertising Experts, Visionary Media

Welcome to Visionary Media’s guide to PPC Advertising.


We at Visionary Media have years of knowledge when dealing with Pay Per Click Advertising, and I’m about to share our knowledge with you!


Key Factors to take into consideration:


Keyword Research-

A keyword is a word that users would be using in a search. There are three important factors that should be considered while doing your keyword research which include :

  1. Relevant words that users will search for in search engines.
  2. Don’t forget to change and expand your keywords to the world around you.
  3. Popular and  frequently searched keywords, but don’t forget your long-tail keywords either!

Creating and managing your campaigns on Google AdWords frequently. This is extremely important as you are able to analyse the way your campaigns are performing and adapt your site to gain optimal performance.


Don’t forget to use the following on Google AdWords:


  1. Ad Groups-improve click-through rate and your Quality Score by splitting Ad Groups into smaller and more manageable groups
  2. PPC Keywords-relevant keywords to expand your campaigns
  3. Negative Keywords


Pay per click is a brilliant advertisement tool, that can direct traffic to your website. At Visionary Media, we have trained professionals in SEO, Web Development, Social Media and we are all a PPC Consultant and we’d be happy to discuss your Thornbury PPC advertising in more detail. Contact us today on 0800 049 5479.