Mobile Optimisation Is A Leap In The Right Direction!

Mobile Optimisation


Let’s Take A Look At Why Mobile Optimisation Is The Key To Success

Businesses who have a responsive web design or a website that is optimised for mobile devices may have the upper card. Research has found that 47.3% of businesses do not have a mobile-optimised website.

But is having a mobile-friendly website enough?

When a potential customer visits your site, they look for speed. Visitors abandon websites with slow loading pages as well as poorly made interaction design. This could be affecting your business sales. Slow loading pages is the #1 complaint by customers, and the chances of a customer recommending a poorly optimised mobile-friendly site is nearly non-existent.

Not only this, mobile loading speed is a ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. Faster formats for website pages are being brought to light, with platforms such as Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook developing numerous ways to drive consumers away from the internet and create slick content and usability through apps.

Local businesses need to keep up. National brands and publishers are adapting to faster web page speed, and once it changes there’s no turning back. Mobile optimisation is the way forward for every business; otherwise you’ll be left behind.

Need to speed up your website? – Read on for some basic tips on how to!

  • Image and video file size could be affecting the load speed, to avoid this, use tools to compress files.
  • Are you currently using Flash is a website that’s mobile optimised? Flash is discouraged for the majority of mobile device applications.
  • Social-sharing plugins reduce page-loading times significantly; the best tip is to remove them.


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