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PPC Specialist


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In 2016, 75% of marketers plan to increase the amount they spend on AdWords. Pay Per Click advertising has numerous benefits with the ability to fine tune your ads to ensure they’re appealing and interesting, not only that, the main reasoning for the use of AdWords for businesses is that they only pay when a user clicks on the ad. PPC allows businesses to track their ROI, as well as ensuring the right target audience is directed to their website.

How can YOU increase the chance of a conversion taking place?

Visionary Media’s guide to great PPC Ads!

Keyword Research

It is crucial that you know what keywords are associated with your business and not only that you need to include keywords that your potential customers will search for in a search engine. PPC works when competitors work against each other for the top spots in search engine results. This competition is done through competitors bidding against each other for specific and relevant keywords for their business or product. The trick is, the higher your bid, theirs an increased chance that your ad will appear higher although increasing your Quality Score can also mean that your ad appears higher than competitors on a lower bid! Also, it is key to include negative keywords. These are specific words or phrases that you do not want your ad to show when a user searches in a search engine.


If your ads are great but your website is not, this could affect your conversion rates. Users may search your keywords and find a great looking ad, and yet when they click through they land on a webpage that is irrelevant or not completely optimised. Not only are you losing out on a potential customer, but you have also just paid for the click. Landing pages should be relevant, with clear calls-to-action. If your ad promotes a certain product or service, ensure the landing page takes the user to exactly what they want.

Test Your Ads

Google and Bing allows you to run multiple versions of the same ad and this allows you to find out which ads perform better. Ads have a lot of limitations, with titles restricted to 25 characters and 35 characters for each description line, through testing your ads tweaks can be made to help YOUR business!

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