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Thornbury PPC Specialist


A Guide To PPC Ads From Thornbury PPC Specialist Visionary Media


Should small businesses use pay-per-click advertising? The answer is simple, YES. PPC has many added benefits.


Targeted advertising: Knowing your audience can help you to target your ads to the right people for your business. An example of advertising that you can truly target your audience is Facebook advertisements.


The use of mobile devices is growing, and it’s crucial that PPC ads are available through mobile searches. When creating an advertisements you are able to add an ad extension and this makes it more convenient for a customer to contact you through a click to call feature.


It’s quick and easy. Pay-per-click ads let you pay for the top listings of a search which means it is more likely that a user will be able to see you.


It’s measurable. You are able to see what campaigns works and which ones don’t. This allows you to change ads in accordance to what you now works for your business.


Research. It is vital you know what your target audience are searching for. There are numerous  tools such as Google AdWords Planner.
PPC advertising can be extremely beneficial for small companies as it can increase traffic to a website which can increase conversion rates. Thornbury PPC specialist UK Visionary Media are pay per click experts thornbury based and can help small or large businesses increase traffic! Why not call a member of our team on 0800 049 5479.