Top 5 Tips to create a Digital Presence for a Local Business


Ever wondered how a local business can truly up their Digital Marketing presence?

It’s easy, since the year 2000 an online presence for local business is a must. Ever thought that a well-kept, appealing storefront in an area is the only way forward? If so, you may be jeopardizing your business. Let’s say you’re a business in a well-known area, yes you may be on the first step, but what about the businesses who are not in a well known area, they’re struggling to get their foot through the door.


No need to worry, I’ll show you the way forward, so stick with me and the team at Visionary Media, and we will get any local business the ranking they deserve with our handy Top 5 Tips!

Tip #1 – Google Adwords ability to target you as a local business!

What a great tool as a local business, the chance to set limitations on who your ad is targeted too; in a certain country, area, and radius, and not only that you can exclude certain locations too! The benefit you may ask; simple. Excluding locations results in increasing ROI through lowering costs.

As a business you must analyse who your target market is, and where your sales originate from; excluding these areas could cost your business money, so research, research again, and research some more!

Tip #2 – Ever heard of Google’s newest feature? Welcome Call-Only Campaigns!

Calling businesses directly from a mobile device has a high percentage of 70% of mobile searches according to Google. Now you must be asking why you’ve never heard of Call-Only Campaigns, or phone leads.

If your business relies on customers calling you, a Call-Only Campaign will steer your local business in the right direction. Instead of a user searching for your business and clicking on an ad to go to your website, they now have the convenient option to call the phone number straight away. No hassle of searching your site for a contact number, it’s quick and easy for the user. And the result – higher business rate. Check out the important changes that you as a local business should know about device targeting!

Tip#3 – Would you stay on your own landing page?

If the answer is no, there’s a problem. The landing page is the first page a visitor is directed to, and after searching a specific search, if that landing page does not correspond to what they’re looking for the visitor will leave. Simple.

Tip#4 – Include the address and opening hours

What is the most common things your customers go to your website for? The answer; the address and the opening hours-Google My Business Listings. If you are a local restaurant, there’s no point having a website describing the brilliant food you have to offer if the customer doesn’t know where you’re based or when you are open. Make sure the address and opening hours are easily located for the viewer, perhaps a landing page dedicated for that search?

Tip #5 – Is your website mobile-friendly?

Why is this much more important for local businesses? Customers are more likely to search for local boutiques, restaurants, stores on a mobile device while they are out and about. Usability is key, and not only that, Google has updated its SEO algorithms meaning a site that has not been optimised for mobile devices may not even show up on search results! Without mobile optimisation you’re waving good bye to customers who could be right outside your front door.

That’s it from me and the team at Visionary Media, call us today at our Bristol Digital Marketing Agency on 0800 049 5479 for more information on how we can pull  your local business out of the stone age and into the twenty-first century!